Advisory ID# 14
MMG ADVISORY as of 05/31/2018


To All Employers and Accredited Collecting Agents;

PhilHealth Circular Nos. 004, s.2015 and 2016-0008 mandates the use of the Electronic Premium Remittance System or EPRS and prescribes that all PhilHealth Accredited Collecting Agents or ACAs shall not accept premium contribution payments without the Statement of Premium Account or SPA or any amount not equal to the total amount due in the SPA. 



Thus, non-compliance to these rules will result to a FOR RECONCILIATION status in the EPRS and may cause inconveniences in benefit availment, for example:

1.	Unequal payment versus the total amount due in the SPA.
2.	Split or separate payments made for premium and penalties.
3.	One receipt issued for multiple months or applicable periods.
4.	Wrong posting of payment details such as the applicable month or year.

Please be reminded that employers are obliged to regularly update and ensure the accuracy of their reports before finalizing, generating the SPA, making the payment and posting the reports. The premium amount reflected in the SPA shall be the basis in the preparation of payroll. All paid SPA are not to be deleted.

The employees PIN, monthly basic salary and status such as newly-hired, no earnings and separated for the applicable month must be thoroughly reviewed before finalization. 

PhilHealth shall only process editing requests once transactions from the ACAs are reverted, cancelled or edited. ACAs are also expected to exercise due diligence in processing PhilHealth transactions and strictly observe the existing policies. 

Further inquiries pertaining to this advisory may be referred to your assigned Accounts Officers.